When There's No One Around To Help

fish hook, fish hook tier, fish bait
  • Fits on most fishing rods with 0.8", 0.5", 0.4" & 0.3" holes 
  • Can hold up to a 3" Spool

  • Free Shipping & 1 Year Warranty

Spend More Time Fishing!

This fishing line spooler was designed with you in mind

Yes you, the one who lets the fishing line cartridge run away on the floor while trying not to tangle your line. 

This spooler is small, ridiculously easy to install and lets you get back to putting fish in your net. 


How Does it Work? 

Show Me More!

Will it Help me Catch More Fish? 

We can't help you there, but we can give you more time to figure it out! 

What about shipping and delivery?

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