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Auto Steering Wheel Tray - 50% OFF

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Perfect For Keeping Crumbs Off Your Clothes, Seat & Car

Our Steering Wheel Tray is perfect for those times when you want to eat lunch in your car and keep the burger wrapper off your lap, fries in your cupholder & condiments in the bag. 

Make Working from Your Car More Comfortable 

Working off your lap in the car uncomfortable?
Take the strain off your wrist and laptop off your steering wheel. Our Steering Wheel Tray is perfect for students, sales people or entrepreneurs who live that laptop lifestyle. 

Slim, Lightweight and Easy to Install

With a 16.5" X 11" X 1" profile, it doesn't take much space when not in use. Just store it under or in the back of your seat. 

Designed to Fit Most Vehicles Steering Wheels

Simple and Easy to Install. Simply turn your steering wheel upside down, slip on the tray and your good to go!


Durable High Quality Material

Our Steering Wheel Tray is made of high-quality abs plastic material to last for years to come.